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Kuroko (no Harem)<3

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Just a tidbit

I’d first like to express my admiration and sincere appreciation of your artwork. I’ve never been someone able to accurately or consistently express myself through an artistic medium, so seeing someone else’s ability to create something unique and thought-provoking has always caught my attention. I’m also one of few who think that the fandoms make the anime and not the other way around. So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU again for helping put a smile on my face with adorable Kuroko no Harem pictures.

All of that being said, I have a piece of concrit for you (just to consider… I mean, hopefully it helps, neh?). Sometimes the all white background got in the way of both your and other’s artwork. Especially in certain interests with the work’s background, I found the starkness of the screen to be hard to look at sometimes. A good example is the Kikuro (KAWAII) on page 5.

Because I LOVE your stuff, I always want to be able to see it without my eyes being burned out from the harsh whiteness of the blog. Other than that, I think you’ve been doing a fantastic job.

Thanks again!

Hullo! Thank you so much ;w; you are so polite and nice. (even tho i don’t post much anymore)

And you even have critique image and you’re right the theme’s background is a bit painful to look at if you’re looking at it for a long time. I kind of chose the theme mostly for those that just want to scroll quickly thru. I’ve found a new theme…I’m not sure if it’s any better since the bg is still kind of bright but until I find a better theme -_- this will do…

Im not sure if its ok to ask but i was just wondering. What do you use to draw your art? Program/brushes? Your lineart especially is super gorgeous and id love to know what you use!

For tablets I kind of answered it here

Most of the time I use SAI… (sometimes photoshop) 

Honestly my lineart is not really something I prefer. I would like to draw much smoother lines but I always struggle with that so I just end up with darker/sharper lines bc it’s easier ㅠㅠ anyway here’s my sai pen settings